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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Burial Plot

Published: March 31, 2022
by Jacob Schoen & Son Funeral Home

Choosing The Expensive Burial Pot 

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It is important to know that no matter how much someone charges for their services, they might not always be the best in town. Even between funeral home in Metairie, LA, or near each other, may find varying costs of rendering similar types and degrees of deathcare rendered. 

It's important to make sure that you ask for a cost breakdown when funeral services are presented in the package. If the price of one service appears too expensive, do not just accept it without question! There might be an alternative available at less expense- find out what else is being offered by this company and how much each additional thing will set your budget back before committing yourself fully to any offers they may have made toward making arrangements perfect For You. It’s also worth noting here about some companies who offer “packages deals" where all different aspects, such as cremation urns, headstones, etc., come together under one contract, which saves customers time spent looking around online

There are many decisions you will need to make after the death of a loved one, and one of these may be to choose the place of burial for your loved one. If that is something that you have to do but are not sure how to, it can be important to keep a few common mistakes in mind so that you can avoid them. Here are the things that directors of Metairie, LA funeral home want you to keep in mind.

Kind of Burial Plot 

One mistake that you want to avoid when deciding on the kind of burial plot you want for your loved one is not to take the time to decide on the location. This is something that people often forget to think about, but it can be important. If you are the person who will be visiting the gravesite most often or who will be maintaining it, you do not want to have to travel a long time every time you visit. Think about that as you choose the burial plot. 

Thinking That all Plots are The Same

Another mistake to avoid is thinking that all plots are the same. There are different kinds of burial plots that you can choose from. The most common option is the single plot, while others can find a companion plot a better choice. A companion plot fits two caskets, either side by side or one above the other. There are also family plots that are made to fit an entire family. If your loved one wanted to be cremated, but also wanted their remains buried, you can choose a burial plot that is for cremated remains. Be sure to consider the different kinds of plots available.   

Be sure to avoid deciding on the plot before asking about the kind of markers that you will be allowed. Some cemeteries have rules on the types of markers allowed and that can be a concern for many people. If the cemetery has a more uniform look and restricts the kind of markers you can choose and you want to have a unique one for your loved one, be sure to consider other options.

funeral home in Metairie, LA

You also do not want to choose the plot without first knowing what caskets you will be allowed. There are cemeteries that do not allow biodegradable caskets, so if you are planning on giving your loved one a green burial, this can be a concern. Take the time to ask before making a decision.

These are all important mistakes that you want to know about so that you can make the best decision possible for your loved one’s burial plot. If you want to learn more about all of the options that you have, you can reach out to a funeral home in Metairie, LA like us at Jacob Schoen & Son Funeral Home. Our team is here to offer the kind of services that you want for your loved one. Give us a call right now at (504) 482-2111 or stop by our location at 3827 Canal St New Orleans, LA 70119 today to speak with an expert.

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