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All About Burials Cremation Services  

It’s actually very common for the bereaved to bury cremated remains after a cremation service. Use this list of frequently asked questions about burials to learn more....READ MORE


Funeral Home Traditions from Around the World 

What are some interesting funeral traditions from different places on our globe? After all, the funeral homes in Metairie, LA are not the only ones in the world....READ MORE


What Do You Do After A Cremation Services?

There are tons of options for what you can do with your lost loved one’s remains after a cremation service in New Orleans, LA. Use this list of creative ideas for inspiration....READ MORE


Tips for Saving Money on Services in Funeral Homes 

Funeral homes offer a range of beautiful and moving services, but they can be out of some people’s budget. Use these helpful and creative tips to help save money on funeral homes....READ MORE


Are Cremation Services Environmentally Friendly?  

With the threat of climate change and natural disasters, many people are doing their best to be more environmentally friendly. Do cremation services fit the bill? ...READ MORE


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