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Looking for Cremation Service Products? 

Published: April 26, 2021

cremation service in Chalmette, LA

Are you looking for cremation service products? From caskets and urns to much more, you can purchase just about anything to go with a cremation service in Chalmette, LA. Some products, however, are not about looking flashy or spending money. Some are there to help.  


You can find products that allow for personalization after the cremation like urns and memorial stationary. You may choose to keep the deceased’s ashes in an urn. There are many different shapes, styles, colors and sizes of urns to choose from, so it’s not that hard to find one that suits your preferences and needs. Some urns are basic but dignified, while others are personalized with engravings, paintings and other decoration. Make the cremation service itself even more special with custom stationary featuring photos of the deceased, meaningful quotes, or a simple decoration. You can use this stationary for the guest book at the service, or to write thank you cards on later. You can also find memorial folders, registry books, bookmarks, prayer cards, acknowledgement cards and more.  


There are lots of creative and special ways to put a cremated loved one to rest. These include:  

Scattering: Scatter your loved one’s remains freely outdoors. You may also hire a specialist to scatter them in the ocean or even in the sky.  

Columbarium: You may house the deceased in an outdoor niche above ground designed to hold urns.  


But the best products can make your loved one’s cremation and final resting place much more unique, memorable and creative. This creativity helps make the services respectful for the deceased and meaningful for the living. Some of these products are used before the cremation takes place, like Thumbies.  A Thumbie is a custom jewelry or pendant piece that creates a lasting imprint of the deceased’s fingerprint, footprint or handprint.  Special Thumbie artists use a cast or image of the actual print to create these lovely keepsakes. You can choose different finishes including silver or gold to make the piece even more unique.  


Similar to Thumbies, remembrance jewelry holds part of the deceased inside, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. You can use a small lock of hair, cremated remains, or even soil from somewhere meaningful to be placed inside a locket, bracelet or other jewelry piece.  You can also buy a cremation casket. You do need a rigid container in which the body will be cremated. Crematoriums provide a basic container, but you can opt to purchase a more elaborate or special cremation casket to make the cremation more special.  


cremation service in Chalmette, LA

Jacob Schoen & Son Funeral Home is here to help if you would like to learn more about common cremation products or have questions about your options for Chalmette, LA cremation services. You can stop by and visit us, or give is a call as needed. After all, these are just a few of the many cremation products available that make it easy for you to plan a creative, respectful and personalized cremation and memorial for your lost loved one.  

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